Private 2 hour Hypnobirth Workshop


Enjoy a one-on-one hypnobirthing session in the comfort of your own home.

The word hypnobirthing can sometimes be misleading. You will find hypnobirthing to be logical and science based.  For most of us, the way we view birth starts from a very young age. What we see, what we hear, what we’re told. It all sinks into our subconscious which reacts to those thoughts and feelings.  We can help you to ditch the fear that so often surrounds birth and help you to build a positive mind set instead.


During the session you and your partner can expect to develop and practice your breathing skills and will be guided through a hypnobirthing script that will help you to relax and build confidence for a positive labour and birth experience.

You’ll learn why the subconscious mind is so important and how you can reframe your way of thinking. There will also be some discussion around certain topics, as well as massage and some other tips and tricks to really help you relax and start to look forward to birthing your baby.

What we love about hypnobirthing is that it can be applied to ALL birth experiences, whether vaginal, waterbirth or caesarean birth. The tools you will learn will not only have a huge impact on your birthing journey but will stay with you for life.

Our educators are fully qualified and experienced as well as mothers themselves, so you are in great hands.  We’ll also give you access to numerous audio scripts that you can listen to at your own convenience and a hypnobirthing workbook to refer to after your session for guidance.

Please note travel charges apply to some areas – free within 15KMs of Birkdale, thereafter $10 per each additional 5Km (or part of) applies each way.   



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